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May 25th, 2015 - 10:40 pm - That one time, @ camp
'poison' garden
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been cottony.

Here is today's hosta plant :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. This particular week is an interesting one for work - all of my shifts are 'morning'! I haven't had 9 - 5 (or etc) shifts consistently, by a coincidence in a bit.
This past Saturday I had a short shift. Before work, I headed north to the Hoover Reservoir ( / dam) for a random event I had discovered via Yelp. The local sailing club had their annual open house ('open houseboat', as it were) and offered free rides around the lake! I hopped on board with a 'skipper' and another attendee named James. We had a brief lesson about the boats and their parts. I was reminded of when I was younger ; heading to a boating camp for two summers.

* Sailing

We were fortunate to have nice weather. A good breeze, too!

* The D Train

Courtesy my friend Eric, we were able to recently see this particular film in the movie theatre. Starring Jack Black and James Marsden, DT is the latest project from Mike "Chuck & Buck" White and tells the story of a high school reunion-organizing group who discovers one of their alumni recently got a commercial spot as a sun tan spokesperson. One of their members angles to get him to come to the reunion, despite living out in California. They end up meeting each other, and things get 'weird' after that. Without revealing any plot points, a wonderful character study. Equal parts ha-ha funny and 'unusual' funny. I've never quite seen anything like this, at least in a reasonably-mainstream American film. Worth a look when it comes out on DVD!

* Lofino's - a remembrance

When I was growing up, just a few minutes down the road from my house was a local shopping center called Lofino's (it was even closer to my friend Tony's family's place - the center essentially backed into their housing development). They had everything - seafood, lottery, even a place to sit and eat. I want to say movies could be rented there too - I seem to remember them having a VHS tape section. When we were younger everything was bigger. I remembered walking through each of the sections with my family, and buying a (Totino's or Jeno's, most likely) pizza late one night with my friend Tony there, so we could head back to his place to eat it
The cashier area had an opening workers would send the bagged goods - down a 'conveyer belt' of sorts - and a bagger would be outside to load the car! Alas after many years, the store is finally closing down. It stayed much longer then one may imagine, even with repainting and the addition of a largely-automated gas station nearby. Thanks for the food & drinks!

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : that others have faith in me. green tea infused with mint. that my old friend Jeremy seems to be doing well. my neighbor friend Steve's roommate Jim being free to let Tavin the dog out!. a long narrow bubble wand - it blows some pretty neato bubbles, lol.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been silly.

Here are today's exercises :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. I had a productive Monday a few days ago : my next door neighbor Julie spotted a rare lunar moth (cousin to the real-life insect Gandalf catches in the first Lord of the Rings movie while he is imprisoned atop the tower, and a favorite scene of mine) outside their house. I was able to nicely take a few pictures of it.
Later on the day I headed to OSU to do a food tasting - milk, this time! (just regular milk). I tried 3 samples. Instead of what they usually do (which is a $15 Target gift card), we got $20 in cash! How about that.
From there I headed to another part of campus, for...

* OSU archives (part 1 of 2)

Each year, Ohio State University opens up 'rare' parts of campus to the general public for guided tours (ex. the tunnels underneath the campus, etc). One of them was the university's large archival material storage center, which has a number of items (including pieces from North Pole explorer Admiral Byrd's life - a signed pilot license by Orville Wright and another signed letter by Amelia Earhart). Going three stories straight up over four or so rows, I was reminded of the large warehouse of memories seen in one of the later Harry Potter movies. Always neat to see new places!

* OSU archives (part 2 of 2)

Not shown : Voldemort, heh.

* Restaurant 'news'

[] Earlier today I took a day trip to my college town (Bowling Green) to see my friends Eric and Jared. E and I went to the local Starbucks, which was the first I had seen in Ohio to actually have what Starbucks in most other states already have the 'new' Bistro boxes! Things like sandwiches, pre-packaged meals, etc. Always neat to try one.

[] How fun to read of Tallywacker's, an 'adult' themed eatery in Dallas which is going to be a male version of Hooters. A true story!

[] In related Starbucks news, I read another place here in Columbus has a Clover machine added (a brewer which processes rare coffees the company gets in). Slowly but surely we are updating, lol.

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : amusing myself by re-watching Wet Hot American Summer and the 'new' version of Anchorman 2 on Netflix. an ongoing good deal on blueberries ($1 for a 10 oz. bag!). fortunately being able to find some more non-winning Ohio lottery tickets for the points program they have. the pretty weather we are having right now. trying a somewhat expensive, but good new test product from Wendy's - a (customizable) veggie burger.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Apr 17th, 2015 - 09:39 pm - Hot streak
Ohio postcard
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been invigorating.

Here are the good deeds of the day :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. I'm feeling better after having my gall bladder taken out a while ago. Woo! Earlier today I had off from work, so I decided to do a "campus views", as I call them, and head down to OSU's area. It was a nice day and several students were out.
There is an eventual plan to update / change many of the buildings along the east side of the street (i.e. the "non-campus" side). Although happening in the future, I decided to take some pictures of the existing few places to which I had remembered visiting when first arriving in town. There is always something happening on campus - the shirtless tightrope workers, the temporarily-drained Mirror Lake, the gallery in the art building (a series of 9 photos showed a dollar 'cocoon' hatching into a receipt, heh), the fraternity $2 to "pie" a frat boy fundraiser, etc.

* Tennessee (part 1 of 2)

Not this week but last, I had off from work two days in a row. My neighbor friend Steve was thinking of purchasing some property in the state, and asked me if I wished to drive down with him. I said, sure! (having never been). We left late at night for a 6-hours-one-way drive. The roads were largely rural and increasingly mountainous. Pretty, as well! We checked into a hotel, spending a grand total of literally 6-ish hours in it, heh, before Steve got up to actually drive to the properties and I, after sleeping in about 1 hour more and checking out, explored the area.
The weather was "ahead" by about two weeks there (i.e. 'warmer'), and the blossoms on the trees, which are just happening here now, had already happened there. I took a few pictures and poked around a few places, including a Starbucks with a Clover machine and, randomly, a gay-friendly men's fashion place where I got some nice $6 underwear (, really).

* Tennessee (part 2 of 2)

For two pictures of the blossoms there, plus a nice sunset outside of my work recently (and all of my other 'nature shots'), one may click on the picture :)

* Lottery : a history

(note : not the Shirley Jackson version, lol). In the early days, one could play the lottery by purchasing a ticket for $1 (or etc), and having either a scratch-off version or a daily / weekly draw. Then, the internet came along. Several games, many ad-supported and thus essentially "free", were created. As such, the actual state lottery had to come up with new fun ways to play.
And indeed, they have! Sort of. One can now take one's non-winning tickets and enter them onto the state website for points. One can turn the points in for items and / or unrelated drawings. I myself don't normally play state lotteries, but unwinning tickets are easy to find at various grocery stores. As such, that is what I am doing. It has worked well thus far!

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : my friend Scott being flexible re : his dinner plans, when meeting me earlier. movie The Babadook (any many others, of course too!) now being on Netflix. buy 1, get 1 coupons to various restaurants. my old roomie Graham calling from CA. to say hi. seeing my parents earlier when picking them up from a flight back from seeing my sister in Utah.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Apr 5th, 2015 - 01:47 am - The path followed
unicorn tapestry
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been cherished.

Here is the Starbucks card of the day :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. I've been slowly organizing some of my old roommate Graham's items (i.e. gathering them together, putting them in boxes, tossing out obviously older items like old receipts etc). G is... in San Diego! A boy he was seeing got a job out there, so he decided to move. How about that!
In unrelated news, I recently went to local ice cream place Jeni's with my neighbor friend Steve. J had debuted 6 new seasonal flavors the day we went. I tried 3 including licorice ice cream and a coriander / lemongrass blend (yes, coriander and lemongrass ice cream). Quite something!

* Hospital visit

Some news : I recently got out of the hospital! For a while now, my gall stones had been acting up some. All humans make gallstones, however sometimes they just become larger than usual. They can mess up one's circulation in that case. After visiting the emergency room as I thought they were acting up, they checked and... they were! A surgeon happened to objectively be in the hospital, and it was something for which I had hoped to have as an eventuality. So, I had my gall bladder taken out ~ .
Thankfully, medical science has advanced so that there is minimal chance of infection and scarring. They just make 4 little holes in you and, "viola"! I am resting now, and have - if needed - some percocet (a prescription-only pill). I did stay in the hospital for one night but thankfully was all set after that.

* Movies

Courtesy my friend Eric, who came to visit for a few days while I was resting at home after being in the hospital, as well as via Netflix I / we were able to watch a few films, including :

[] The Imitation Game (great dialogue! historically totally not accurate, but interesting to watch)

[] The Theory of Everything (about Dr. Stephen Hawking's early life. Quite good!)

and [] Life Itself - about film critic Roger Ebert. Made with him while he was still alive, this was a surprisingly-moving documentary about a critic whose writings I quite liked.

* Salt Fork

About two weeks ago, I took a day road trip with my friend Scott to Salt Fork, a very large park east of Columbus (by about an hour or so). S had been once before but it was my first time. Very big! The area is large enough that it has cabins to rent by the lake, a pool, a main lodge (with a water fountain that didn't work, heh) and measurable amounts of the land 'roped off' for hunting. We did see some animals while out, but interestingly they were all walking on the road - a groundhog and later, 3 deer.
The park itself was pretty, empty and very quiet - we barely heard any birds. While reasonably temperate, the leaves were off the trees (save one species which had small, light brown leaves the color of stone cherry wrappings, which rustled oddly in the wind). SF is reported to be a 'haunted' park, however I myself did not sense anything out of the ordinary while I was there.

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : my life. my parents coming to visit me while I recovered, and bringing some "lunches and dinner" :) . being able to pull up Youtube videos on my TV about various topics. getting around to raking the yard and putting away the snow shovel for the season. my friend Eric coming down from Bowling Green later on this week.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
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