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Aug 29th, 2014 - 09:24 pm - Blooming
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been achievement-badge-related.

Here are the simplicities of the day :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. It has (mostly) thus far been a mild summer! Earlier in the season I had a chance to head to the annual Ohio State fair with my friend Brian. I did my "usual" tradition of riding the sky ride at the end. I found some new flavors of salt water taffy, as I often do. This particular year's ones were black licorice, caramel corn, cinnamon roll, red licorice and root beer. I've tried the caramel, cinnamon and red licorice ones so far. The cinnamon roll salt water taffy is delicious! Of course, I only buy 2 of each piece as I don't need a lot of candy.

* Robin Williams : a remembrance

I first remember seeing him in Mork & Mindy, back in the day on CBS (via the "pre-internet" technology called 'a television'). I remember his rainbow suspenders. As I saw him through the years, his energy was always hyper and entertaining. I really have never seen someone perform so well, spontaneously, without notes, live. I saw and liked him in Aladdin, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Birdcage, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, The World According to Garp, Toys and What Dreams May Come, but one of my favorite roles of his was in Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King. He plays a homeless person convinced a billionaire on New York's Upper West Side has the actual Holy Grail in his study. We salute you, sir!

* Glen Echo park(s)

Earlier this summer I visited this (set of two) park(s), to which I had never explored in my years of being in Columbus. Located in the farming-based neighborhood of Clintonville, while not very large the topography of the land was great - close to what it was originally. Ravines and a wide creek paired with old trees and well-worn paths. Clintonville has a large lesbian population, and of the 3 or 4 couples I saw in the park all were sets of women (as always, no assumptions are to be made of course). Elsewhere a large historical bridge held human-sized paintings of birds within - a really neat surprise to find on the path!
The 'other', west part of the park is near the main river and features a controlled swamp next to a lab, to which I also explored some.

* Campus views

On a recent day off from work, I swung down to the OSU area. I hadn't been in a while! School was just getting back into session (since switching to standardized semesters, all public universities start around the same time) - students were everywhere. I relaxed at the top floor of the library with its wonderful views, and walked around the recently re-filled Mirror Lake, with its ducks and nearby ampitheatre. Outside of the Student Union I enjoyed a Dasani-water-sponsored game where upon I fired empty water bottles from an air cannon (but, alas, did not hit the target any times). In the art building, seeing the thought-provoking "moments in women's history" exhibit, they were giving away free t-shirts (from an art supply company). Score!

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : loyalty programs that various businesses have (I just renewed my Starbucks 'gold level' for another year). finding a good deal on some bilberry kombucha at a new "farmer's market" sort of store in town ($2!). the entertaining - and adult-oriented - webcammers Voyeurboys. a forthcoming trip to San Francisco, woo!. being able to try 2 of Starbucks' new La Boulange savory squares (nicely, one for free!) - the tomato & cheese one, despite being a relatively 'common' flavor, was very delicious.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Jul 23rd, 2014 - 10:16 pm - Well-lit areas
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been attended.

Here is the emojicon of the day :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. Our summer has continued to be nice and mild for the most part. Very comfortable! Recently I got a call from an old friend (KeithG) who had since moved from Columbus to Georgia (and from there to Virginia, where he is now). He was in town! He had even brought his little dog Holly. We met recently in the Lane avenue area (near where he used to live) and looked around. After a Starbucks visit, we walked Holly at OSU's nearby Chadwick arboretum (i.e. "gardens"). It was nice to see him.
In unrelated news, I had earlier attended a taping of Ohio's lottery show, Cash Explosion (a game show which airs weekly, Saturday nights @ 7:30 EST). On June 12th, the episode aired!

* Cash Explosion

There I am, right behind contestant #2. Woo!

* Rec center update

As mentioned in an entry from April, my college alumni recently decided to update one of their buildings on campus - their rec center. Of course, buildings on campuses are always being updated. This particular one hadn't had a measurable update of any kind in at least 20+ years. Although nothing was 'wrong' with it, the university seemed to have extra money and a plan to update.
I had enjoyed occasional safe, 'adult fun' with boys in the enormous locker room during my college years. With the new update, the style of everything is essentially completely changing, and shall largely do away with this sort of thing. I can objectively observe that the changing rooms of the center were huge - they just went on and on and seldom did I see every single locker in use. An unusual thing to mention, to be sure - but it is "official"! I hope to tour the newly-renovated building in its entirety when it reopens for the school year this autumn. Thanks for many years of fun, rec center!

* Big Lots casino dinner

Earlier this evening I attended a sociable and perhaps one-time event : my work (Big Lots) sponsored a "thank you" for not unionizing helping out with my store renovation dinner at the local casino (itself to which I had never been). I and 5 other free workers (Matt, Susan, Marieke, Kayla and Kathy) were called to stage in a ball room full of people and given a standing ovation (!). Of course, we all work there anyway, but it was still very nice. Everybody in attendance was given 2 free 'drink tickets'. Nicely, our table was 'first in line' for the buffet as well, which included rolls, salad, tasty rice, mashed potatoes, spicy seafood pasta (I picked out the shrimp & scallops) and summer squash. They even had Starbucks coffee and little tasty mini desserts, too!
Afterwards I wandered around the casino itself. Finding some uncashed-out slot machine slips, I was able to gamble 60 cents in the penny and nickel slots, but did not win anything. In all a fun evening! It was nice to see workers (including Tom from the Westerville store, Linda who used to work at our store and Brian - a furniture manager from Morse) in a non-work environment.

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : recently finding an 1893 (!) Indian Head penny (circulated ; it is worth about $2.50). some time to catch up with the boy I live with Graham (our work schedules are often opposite). enjoying two good movies - Small, Beautifully Moving Parts and Wes Anderson's colorful and energetic film The Grand Budapest Hotel. being able to use the wifi internet we have at home, to save some money on the data plans for our smart phones. fresh flowers from Trader Joe's.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Jul 6th, 2014 - 05:31 pm - Light as the breeze
summer colors
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been green.

Here is today's candy :

* From the desk of Geoff

Things have been well here. We've been having a milder summer this particular year - a welcome change! It seems as though we are getting a fair amount of rain as well, which overall is also pretty good.
My parents were nicely able to recently switch some phones around, so my old T-Mobile phone is now... a new one! My now-prior phone was a relatively basic one, with the ability to make calls and send texts, and that was basically it :) . Of course, there are few additional things that a phone is 'required' to do, but still. My new(er) phone is a Nokia from AT & T, and has some nice features including a browser (with limited data per month) and a good camera. 2009 technology, here I come! Yes, I am aware it is 2014, lol.

* Dream : crossing over

A recent dream I had involved the ghost of a young woman who had passed away due to a fall from a building. The year was 1976 when it happened. Her worry was that she had made a last bad impression, as her brother had been present at the time. An old college friend, KeithG, is helping me interact with her so that she can cross over. He gives me a Bazooka Joe comic which somehow has a clue as to some of the young woman's background story. I was likely thinking of this old episode of TV show Paranormal State, for which I have seen, which essentially has a real-life version of this occurring.
I am able to sense the young woman and at first she seems upset. However in time I am able to calm her down and she is able to cross over. Success!

* Summer updates

This spring & summer, I have participated in all kinds of fun events ~ . In June I biked naked down High Street (for WNBR) (along with a few hundred other people, wearing or not-wearing various things), marched in a parade (Pride) and appeared on a televised game show (Ohio's own Cash Explosion - as an audience member). In July I explored a new park (the enormous Dawes Arboretum) and tried some new foods and drinks, including (artificially-flavored) bacon Ritz crackers and limited edition Reese's peanut butter cup-flavored Oreos. Later in the month I hope to explore Clintonville, a farm-based suburb of Columbus. More to come!

* Enemy

Courtesy the local library, I was able to recently borrow and watch this particular film. Set in what appears to be a city overseas, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a history professor who, one day, sees what looks like his double in a bit part of a movie. He decides to try and contact this 'double' of his. Disturbing images of spiders start working their way into his dreams and day-to-day experiences.
It is refreshing to see a true 'psychological drama' that does not boil down to conflict and / or neat-and-tidy solutions. My own theory is that one of the two Jake's girlfriend(...s?) knows more than they are letting on. "You know what will happen if this continues", she ominously tells one of them. The final scene will also give one pause. Overall, very distinct! An entertaining 'scary movie'.

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : as always, occasional peace and quiet. inventing some new exercise stretches. a new, short 'summer haircut' my friend Graham gave me. the amazing tricks illusionist Kriss Angel does. a recent trip to a local grocery store in which I went in, bought some items (corn), and a cash register was nicely opening up as I was set to check out! very lucky timing.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
Jun 22nd, 2014 - 06:11 pm - "Oh my" : Pride 2014
Pride 2014
Good evening Lj readers,

how are things? Here they have been liberating.

Here are today's tanning opportunities :

* World Naked Bike Ride

Last Saturday, I participated in this annual event ; one of many in dozens of cities across the US and abroad. I had gone last year as well and had a fun time. Tons of riders! Held at the same location as last year (an industrial warehouse setting on the west side of town), I borrowed my roommate's car to be able to get my bike there as mine was not configured for it.
Of course, people wear a variety of outfits, from capes to underwear to nothing at all. This year featured free food (including some gluten-free options), body painting, and as always great music. The ride itself is a few miles around downtown, and starts around 10. Yes, LJ readers, I did ride not wearing anything this year. Yeah! Why the heck not?
Because several hundred bike riders tend to require a constant flow traffic-wise, the ride did slow up once. Amusingly it was right outside of Union, a local gay bar. Very convenient, haha. A photo booth was present at the clothing-optional after party (g-rated pictures are still 'in the works' as of this writing). As always, an exhilarating event and good exercise, too! I can now cross watching hot naked frat boys dance to Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing off my list :D .

* Columbus Pride 2014 (part 1 of 2)

This weekend was Columbus's annual Pride event, woo! We were fortunate and did not get any rain. I did my usual "tradition" of heading to zPizza for lunch beforehand. This particular year the parade started an hour earlier (11 instead of 12). Of course, because it takes a while to get both people and floats lined up, things didn't get comfortably under way until well past 11:30.
Interestingly, there were lots of costumed characters this year : everyone from the Pink Panther to Columbus Blue Jackets's mascot (a mosquito? lol) to a dancing pizza slice to Lucky the leprechaun from Lucky Charms (a sponsor of the weekend ; reps later handed out free cereal samples and stickers. really). Stilt walkers, the Tupperware saleslady and of course colorful rainbows everywhere. Some boys stopped mid-parade, so one could take off the underwear (!) of another. Yes, he did have a second pair on underneath, haha.
I walked in the parade for a few blocks (having watched it relatively near where it ends, route-wise) and happened to coincidentally be in front of the giant rainbow flag being carried. The grand marshal this year was George Takei! (of Star Trek / Facebook, etc fame). I said hi to a few people I knew, including my friend Scott (who helps run the event). One of S's sisters - Melanie - was in town too and it was nice to see her also.

* Columbus Pride (part 2 of 2)

3 images from the event (click to make larger!). Taken from my 'almost smart' phone, heh.

* Roku

Inspired by my friend John (and indeed, some friends at work have one too), I recently purchased a neat device - a Roku. R is one of several products which allow you to stream items from the internet on to your television. Indeed, several products exist which can do this (gaming systems, Apple TV, even some actual TVs). After a one-time cost for the product ($40, in my case), I'm all set! My wifi router is on the same table as my television and Roku are, so we are good. I can pull up full episodes of shows from PBS and Lifetime, plus watch music videos, listen to hundreds of radio channels and even browse videos on Vimeo. Plus free movies from Crackle, etc.!
Some services - Netflix and Hulu Plus being two examples (Roku does not offer 'regular Hulu') - cost extra, but there are a number of nice free options. These limits are useful as of course I don't want to spend all of my time in front of my TV :)

* Misc. other

Some other small things, for which I am thankful : not over-thinking too many things. also running in to Chris K., Tony E., Shannon, Cameron and neighbor Steve all @ Pride!. a balanced work schedule this week. learning some new ways to exercise. not forgetting to pay my bills, haha.

Okay. Have a good night!

Take care,
* Geoff
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